Do you need Cornhole Bags?

Cornhole Bags

If you are new to the game of cornhole. You might be wondering what are these cornhole bags?  The Bags are the means used to score points during a team game of cornhole also called baggo, bags, or just bags toss.  Tossing the bags at the opposite board will net you points.  Think of the bags like horseshoes.  You have to have them to play the game.  Our cornhole bags are filled with real whole kernel corn.  Each of our bags measure a minimum six inches by six inches. According the guidelines set forth by the governing body of cornhole.  We offer hundreds of combinations of styles and fabric choices for your bags.  We have years of experience and shipped a multitude of bags.  Our site offers lots of great ideas and ways to enjoy cornhole so stick around and check us out, but lets go over a few key components of a cornhole bag:

Material - The material recommend for the construction of cornhole bags is called duck cloth canvas.  It is measured in terms weight ie ozs.  You will find most manufactures sell this duck cloth canvas in 10 oz and 12 oz weights, the heavier the better because it increases the durability of your bags.  We use both 10 and 12 oz duck cloth in the construction of our bags.  This is only due to the fact that some colors are only available in certain weights.  Fabrics - We do use logo pattern fabrics to go that extra mile to provide you with a unique and fun way to enjoy this game and express your individuality.  We do not recommend a fabric only bags. With any of our fabric bags, we first start with a duck cloth durable bag and overlay/overlap a cotton fabric to add flare to our bags on one side.    

Fill - The most common and only material we use to fill our bags at the moment is good old fashion corn.  You will find our bags full of real whole kernel corn.  There is no substitute for the real thing because as you play with your bags, the corn inside will break down over time and produce a very fine white powder or dust which will aid the bags sliding on the boards for a cornhole.  We may in the near future offer a bag filled with plastic resin, which will protect the bags from getting wet or eaten by critters.

Weight - We fill and weigh each of our bags individually on a precise scale to ensure proper weight every time. Guidelines state the weight should be between 14-16 oz, we know that the corn inside breaks down over time so we fill each back with just the right amount of corn.  Once your bags break down enough some might feel like they weight a little more or less if that is the case it might be time to reorder more cornhole bags.

Size - Of course you can make a cornhole bag any size you want. We have made a few that weighed over 2 pounds for fun, but according to the ACA each bag needs to be a minimum of 6x6 in size. We cut each of our bags from the same exact pattern, this is to provide constant consistency and that's what you want in a bag manufacture.

Thread - While there is no official word on what type of thread to use for the construction of a cornhole bag, its pretty straight forward.  Use the strongest material available and that is just what we do.  Our bags are sewn with Industrial strength nylon thread.  It is the strongest and most resilient threading, besides wire, wouldn't that be funny a bag sewn together with wire?

We just wanted to let you in on some tips and the way we make our bags.  If you ever have any questions or comments we are always glad to help. 
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