Do you need Cornhole Bags?

Cornhole Bag Filling

What you need to know.

Who would have thought the filling of your "CORN"hole bags would such a hot topic.  Since there is an ongoing debate among cornhole players about the better fill for cornhole bags. We thought we could show a few of the advantages of each and let you decide.  Some people think it’s best to fill for your corn hole bags with plastic pellets, BBs, Popcorn, whole kernel corn, or a host of other things.  Hopefully, this guide will inform you of your choices and decide which bag fill fits your needs.


The most obvious choice (and the only one we use) whole kernel corn.  We feel this is the best choice for a couple of reasons.  Its called cornhole, not platichole, or beanhole.  After you play with your bags the corn starts to break down and produces a dust that aids your bags sliding on the sometimes ruff wood surfaces.  Once your bags break down a bit most people will find a sweet spot or sweet feeling.  Where you know the bags won't bounce or skip off the boards, they just slide and glide.  You will be in the zone and on the top of your cornhole game.  It might take a couple months or a couple of days to break them in depending on how often you play. Remember the dust is a must!


Plastic has its advantages, but you cannot achieve the dusty slide feel with a set of cornhole bags filled with plastic pellets.  They will not rot or mildew if they get wet, but they sure don't slide like corn bags do.  Plastic bounces.  One of the key strategies professional cornholers try to avoid is bouncing a bag.  When tossing a cornhole you want to gently land the bag 1 foot below the whole and slide the bag into the circle.  If you choose plastic pellets your bags will gain a "bouncy" effect when contacting the cornhole boards.


Sorry to offend anyone, but this is probably the worse choice.  Its a slap in the face to real cornholers everywhere.  There is a story about a young man who was participating in a cornhole tournament, but upon arrive found the people putting on the event had used beans to make the bags, but advertised a "cornhole tournament"  He demanded a refund for his entry fee, but was denied, so frustrated he couldn't get a refund, he drove 25 miles back to his home to get his own corn filled bags.  He returned later and won the tournament. Now that is what we call dedication!  The moral of the story is please don't fill your bag with beans.
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