Do you need Cornhole Bags?

How to toss a cornhole
The best way to toss your bags into the hole is:

Let your bags hit in the middle of the board and "slide" into the hole

Obviously, there is a lot that goes into the pitching of the bag including but not limited to: height of the bag trajectory, wind speed, distance, temperature etc.  Of all these factors none are more important that the magic dust that the corn itselft produces while you play with your bags.  As you toss your corn filled bags on the board they will begin making a "powder" that will allow your bag to slide on the wood surface.  You will find its very difficult to predict the distance of the "slide" into the board without using bags with corninside. 

Some may argue that it doesn't matter what's inside the bags to make them slide, but all professional players and most recreational players will tell you filling them with corn is the only way to play.  Just don't let them get wet or leave them outside.  Take care of your bags and they will take care of you.  Check out our

Cornhole Care Guide

Always look for the Cornhole Association seal of approval when purchasing online.

We only sell products made in the USA.  Be proud to know that you are supporting American business and families.

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