Do you need Cornhole Bags?

Cornhole Terminology
If you want to play like a pro you gotta talk like one!  Here are some of the slang words you will hear while playing cornhole

General Slang:

Skunk - when a team gets up on their opponent 11-0. The game is over and its a called a skunk

Da Police - the official score keeper of the match

Honors - The last team to score, has honors for the next inning and gets to toss the cornholebags first

Types of throws:

The Knuckleballer - Throwing a bag just like you would a knuckle ball

The Frisbee - Spin the bag like you would a frisbee, this helps the bag "stick" on the board

The Fling - Holding one corner of the bag with index finger and thumb, you fling the bag with a flip of your wrist

The Flop - Tossing your bag without any spin or rotation during its flight

The Granny - Use two hands and toss from between your legs

The Jump Shot - Grab a bag and "shoot" it at the hole just like you would a basketball

The Double Stack - Try stacking two bags onto of each other and aiming for the hole

Types of landings:

The Ace - 1 point for a bag on the board

The Dirty Bag - Its when your bag hits the ground then rolls up on the board. (no points should be given)

The Cornhole - A bag that goes in the hole for 3 points

The Swish, AKA The Glory-hole - A bag that goes in the hole without touching the board

The Blocker - A cornhole bag that lands in-front of the hole blocking others

A Hanger - A bag sitting on the lip of the hole just waiting to fall in for 3 points

Rim Job - A bag that hits the lip of the hole, but ends up on the ground

Sky Bag - A bag that is tossed so far it lands way past the boards

The Weak Sauce - Someone who falls way short on their toss to the platform

If you know any other great terms or ideas please contact us and we will add you to our site!

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