Do you need Cornhole Bags?

Cornhole Rules & How to play corn hole
Official rules have been developed by the (ACA) American Cornhole Association.  These rules are not mandatory to play the game, but serve as a guideline to encourage consistent Corn hole play across the world.

Cornhole Boards:

The playing surface is to be 2' x 4' (3'x2' will work, but is not used in official play) The front edge is to be 4" inches off the ground and the back edge 12" inches from the ground.  A 6” diameter hole, centered 9” from the top and 12” from either side is required. 

Cornhole Bags:

You will need 8 cornhole bags. 4 bags of one color and 4 bags of another to designate the teams.
Every bag should contain 14-16 oz of corn feed, be a minimum of 6" X 6" squares made from duck / canvas material.  We offer lots of great colors to choose from.

Game Play:

 You can play 1v1 or with partners. Partners should be at opposite cornhole boxes on the same side of the court. 

A quick paper/rock/ scissors or a coin flip will decided which team has honors first.

The team with honors begins the game by tossing a corn hole bag to the opposite cornhole platform. Then alternating turns until all 8 corn hole bags have been thrown.

You can toss your bags from anywhere, as long as you are behind the front of the cornhole box on your side. 

Once all 8 bags have been thrown and the score for that round has been calculated, the next round begins with the player whose team has honors.

The first team to reach 21 or more points is the winner!


3 points for tossing a cornhole bag into the hole.

1 point for a bag that lands and stays on the board.  Note:  There will be no points for any bag that is touching the ground or bounces up on the board. Once all eight bags have been tossed, add up the total points for each team and the winning team adds the difference (cancellation scoring) to their total score.

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